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Shelter Hero

When animals are brought to the shelter, either due to being lost, or no longer wanted, people assume they're not "good" pet material. Luckily, at the Richland Hills Animal shelter, we have an ACO (Animal Control Officer) who sees the best in all of them. Kay has been known to "rescue" animals from high-kill shelters, any time she has room at Richland Hills. While she can't save them all, she does her best to try.

Harley was adopted May 16, 2015. Look at those smiles!

We love getting updates on our furry friends. While what we do is a labor of love, knowing that the animals that we cared for are living the best lives possible, makes our efforts well worth it.

In May of 2015, a sweet dog was adopted by a wonderful family. You could tell by his adoption photo that he was a happy guy, and fit well with his people. They told us they were going to train him as a service dog, and we were very excited for Harley, and for them.

Fast-forward to April, 2016. We were sent a beautiful note and photos of this very special dog.

His mom wrote, "Hi!! I adopted my sweet Boy Harley from y'all last May, and wanted to show y'all how he is now!" She sent several pictures, as well.

She also said, "He really is a life changer, especially helping me at work and in classes! I have people telling me all the time how beautiful he is, and i have to agree!"

We are so proud of Harley, and happy that he's found the perfect home.

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