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Another Success! Paxton's Story

Sometimes, the right people are in the right place at the right time. A concerned woman came across a very sad sight at a large, overcrowded shelter. A poor dog, most likely scared to death, seemed to have given up any hope of rescue. She took his picture and shared it with our wonderful Richland Hills ACO, Kay Fisk.

As the shelter had recently completed a very successful “Empty the Shelters Day”, we had room for one more. Kay contacted the other shelter, and soon we had a new friend to prepare for adoption.

Paxton was very shy and scared when he first arrived. Lucky for him, Kennel Tech Robin was there to help him. She made a comfy bed for him by the front desk, complete with food, water and toys. She also joined him.

With a little extra love and attention from Robin, as well as awesome volunteer Brittany, Paxton soon blossomed into a happy boy.

Now he was ready for his own, forever family. As photogenic as he turned out to be, it wasn’t hard to pick out favorites.

It didn’t take very long, before the perfect family came to the shelter. As you can see, it was pretty much love at first sight. At least that's what Paxton seems to say.

That’s where the story usually ends. But not this time. A month after being adopted, Paxton’s mom shared this wonderful photo with the caption, “He settled right in.”

And, on New Year’s Eve, another set of fantastic photos arrived! We’re so happy for you, Paxton, and we’re so grateful for the loving home you’ve joined.

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