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Perfect Pet: One Size Does Not Fit All

Sometimes, the right homes aren't the first homes. Through no fault of their own, we often have animals returned when things don't work out. But, when the right families come along, it's magical.

That's why Helping Paws of North Texas and Richland Hills Animal Services are committed to providing the best fit for the family and the adopted pet.

We only ask that you give your new family member a chance before giving up. Remember, they've been in a shelter, and some of them may have not been in a real home for months, or years. While we try to give all our four-legged friends as much love and attention as possible, going to a real home is a scary thing for them. New sights and sounds, as well as learning the rules of the house can be a daunting task for anyone.

Still, we know as well as anyone, that some pets just aren't compatible with every home. That's why we ask that if your new family member isn't working out, please return them to us. Somewhere, their perfect home is waiting!

(Below left - Pumpkin with her 2nd chance family) (Below right - Moon Pie with her 2nd chance family)

Pumpkin 2nd chance
Moon Pie 2nd chance

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