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We Call Her Moon Pie

In early September, we picked up a stray at Hovenkamp & Popplewell. She was a beautiful animal, and we were certain someone was missing her. One look at her adorable face and she was aptly named, Moon Pie.

Moon Pie is a beautiful brindle & white “Pocket Pittie”. We noticed she wasn’t feeling well, and decided to take her to Dr. Skidmore. We learned she suffered from pyometra, an infectious and inflammatory disorder of the uterus, as well as being heartworm positive. Pyometra can be fatal if not caught in time, so this sweet pup was lucky. Kay and Robin saved another life!

Now, over a month later, Moon Pie is on the mend. She’s still undergoing heartworm treatment, but will soon be available to adopt. As is our policy, the adoption fee will only be $80, even though we’ve spent much more than that on making her healthy. Only through the generous donations from our friends, can we continue to help animals like Moon Pie.

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