Can you Google your pet?

Per the American Humane Association, an estimated 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. Only about 22% of lost dogs that enter shelters are reunited with their families, but the return-to-owner ratio for microchipped dogs goes up over 52%. The statistics for cats are worse - less than 2% that enter shelters return to their families, but if microchipped, that rate goes up to over 38%. 

If your pet is microchipped, keep their information current - only 58% of microchipped animals have been registered in a database. 

Bring your pets to Richland Hills Animal Services and have them microchipped. Collars can come off. Microchips are for life and the best ID your pet can have. The number is searchable in Google, which makes it easier to return the pet to its rightful family. 


Ask at the shelter about our microchip options.