Please go to our “Online Store” to purchase Helping Paws of North Texas merchandise.
All proceeds go to helping the animals in the Richland Hills Animal Shelter with veterinary costs, food, supplies, etc.
We are an all volunteer 501c3 nonprofit corporation. We rely solely on donations. We work with the animals in the Richland Hills Animal Shelter. Our mission is to help find EVERY adoptable dog and cat a forever home. We help with adoption events, fundraising and volunteering at the shelter as needed. We educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering every dog and cat to reduce the animal overpopulation crisis. We support and assist with TNR programs for feral cats. We educate the public on proper care of dogs and cats.  WE SUPPORT AND PROMOTE THE NO KILL MOVEMENT. We also support SPAY/NEUTER for every dog and cat. We feel that every adoptable animal should be placed in a loving home. Please help us help them. We are their voice!
We are in need of volunteers who share our vision and goals. We have so many opportunities to use your talents to help animals. We need people who would like to help with fundraising, event planning and people with computer and photography experience. Please contact us if you would like to help. We welcome everyone with an interest in saving animals from euthanasia.
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We are solely dependent on donations to continue our mission.
To donate please click on the “Help Us Help Them“ link or you may mail check or money order to:
Helping Paws of North Texas
PO Box 211934
Bedford , TX 76095
You may ship crates, Kuranda beds, etc directly to the shelter:
Helping Paws of North Texas
c/o Richland Hills Animal Services
7049 Baker Blvd.
Richland Hills, TX  76118
Contact us by email @ info@helpingpawsofnorthtexas.org